Research Roadmap

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(A1) Designing Catalytic Platform


(A2) Developing One-Step Facile and Green Nanofabrication Methods
with Keith K.C. Chan (PolyU)

(A3) Flow Electrochemistry with Unique Microfabricated Patterns
​with Dennis C.W. Leung (PolyU)
Croucher Foundation Start-Up Fund

(A4) Understanding Electrocatalysis under Extreme Conditions 
with Pauline Chiu (HKU Chem)
Hung Hing Ying Research Fund

(A5) Preparing Non-Precious Metal Photofunctional Nanomaterials
​w/ Cédric Tard (École Polytechnique)
Europe Travel Grant

(A6) Scalable Synthesis Methods for Functional Nanomaterials 
​w/ Kejun Wu (Leeds),
Zhengxiao Guo (HKU-ZIRI)

Europe Travel Grant

(B1) Shaping Energy Landscape
UGC Seed Fund for Basic Research

(B2) Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Photoelectrocatalytic Processes
with David Lee Phillips (HKU Chem)
UGC 41st PDF Scheme

(B3) Probing Ion Diffusion Across Hybrid Bilayer Membranes
with Christopher J. Barile (U Nevada)

(B4) In Situ Electrochemical
Spectroscopy of Lipid Electrodes

​with Heng-Liang Wu (NTU Taiwan)
Pilot International Exchange Scheme

(B5) Electroorganic Transformation in Confined Spaces

(B6) Photo-Functional Molecules and Materials for Sustainable Catalysis 
​with Chen Yong (TIPC - CAS),
Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (HKU Chem),
Li-Zhu Wu (TIPC - CAS), 
and Chi-Ming Che (HKU Chem)​ 

CAS-RGC Joint Lab Funding Scheme


(B7) Tuning Product Selectivity of Electrocatalytic Processes
RGC Early Career Scheme 

(C1) Fishing Cancer Targets
UGC Seed Fund for Basic Research

(C2) ​​Monitoring Mutagenesis Processes using Electrochemistry
​with Jason W.H. Wong (HKU SBMS)

(C3) Studying the [4Fe4S] Biogenesis and Reconstitution Pathways
with Chris Mok (HKU Public Health),
Mart Lamers (Erasmus MC),
​and Nicholas C. Wu (Scripps)

UGC Small Equipment Grant

(C4) Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Magnetotaxis
​with Kenneth M.L. Leung (HKU SBS)

(C5) Dynamics of DNA Repair Proteins in Extreme Environments
with Juan Diego Gaitan Espitia (SBS)

(C6) Structural and Functional Analysis of Protein Assemblies
​with Yuanliang Zhai (HKU SBS)
HKU BRC Strategic Scheme

(C7) Functional Biochemical Platforms for the Early Detection of Disease Biomarkers
​with Chi-Ming Che (HKU Chem),
Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (HKU Chem),
and Chun-Nam Lok (HKU Chem)