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Interested in our RESEARCH?  Contact ET by EMAIL with your (i) CV, (ii) Past Research Experience Statement, (iii) List of Techniques, (iv) Academic Records, and (v) other relevant supporting documents.


Positions Overview     (see below for details)     Job Posting on HKU Careers
(a) Postdoctoral Researchers (Ph.D. degree holders)     2 positions available
(b) Graduate Students (B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree holders)     2 positions available
(c) Research Assistants      2 positions available, Always welcome
(d) Undergraduate Students      Always welcome
(e) Exchange Students and Interns      Always welcome

Requirements: Applicants should have proficiency in written and spoken English, a strong sense of responsibility, good organizational skills, and ability to work independently. 

Updated on 8 Jul 2020

(a) Postdoctoral Researchers (Ph.D. degree holder)     2 positions available

  • Area #1: 1 Postdoc position in Molecular Synthesis (Organic preferred) + Protein Mass Spec (Proteomics & Bioinformatics a bonus)

  • Aim: Prepare chemical biology probes to identify new disease biomarkers

  • Key Challenge: Low copy number in complex biological fluid

  • Qualification: PhD degree holders with experience in (1) biochemistry, (2) organic synthesis, (3) protein mass spec.

  • Bonus: Knowledge of (a) proteomics and (b) bioinformatics is a plus.

Application Procedures:

  • Required Documents: CV, Past Research Experience Statement, List of Techniques, Academic Records

  • Contact:  Email  ecmtse<AT>

Postdoctoral Researchers

(b) Graduate Students     2 positions available

  • Area #1: 1 PhD position in Molecular Synthesis (Organic preferred)

  • Aim: Prepare unique ligand frameworks and metal complexes for electrocatalysis

  • Key Challenge: Complex architecture to host multiple metal ions

  • Qualification: BSc or MSc students with experience in (1) organic synthesis, (2) coordination chemistry, (3) inorganic complexes.

  • Bonus: Knowledge of X-ray crystallography is a plus

  • Area #2: 1 PhD student position in Bioinorganic and Biochemistry 

  • Aim: Devise new nucleic acid construct for discovery of protein cancer markers

  • Key Challenge: Find novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets for early detection and treatment of cancer

  • Qualification: BSc or MSc students with experience in protein overexpression, plasmid design, and bioinformatics for protein identification and downstream biochemical studies preferred

  • Area #3: 1 PhD student position in Renewable Energy, Catalysis, and Nanotechnology

  • Aim: Develop modular electrocatalytic platforms

  • Key Challenge: Improve product selectivity in multistep electrocatalytic processes where a diverse array of products is generated simultaneously

  • Qualification: BSc or MSc students with knowledge in lithography, e-beam deposition, sputtering, ALD, CVD, PVD, SEM, TEM, AFM, STM, elemental mapping, XPS, EDS,  microfluidics, and GC/LC-MS  preferred

  • Area #4: 1 PhD student position in Surface Chemistry and Reaction Mechanism Tuning

  • Aim: Design functional interfaces and self-assembling systems

  • Key Challenge: Map reaction energy landscapes and alter reaction pathways ​of proton-coupled electron transfer processes

  • Qualification: BSc or MSc students with background in synthesis, handling, and purification of air-/moisture- sensitive compounds and characterization of organic molecules and transition metal complexes by NMR, IR, ESI-MS, Raman, and EPR preferred

Application Procedures for Graduate Student Position:

  • Required Documents: CV, Past Research Experience Statement, List of Techniques, Academic Records

  • Contact:  Email  ecmtse<AT>

Fellowship Opportunity:

  • Info: Prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply for the Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship (HKPF).

  • Method: Contact ET if you wish to apply for HKPF. Application is due at the beginning of December each year

  • Important:    Info    Funding     LIST     ​Awards     AAL     Scholarships     Public Health     Guide     FAQ

Graduate Students

​(c) Research Assistants      2 positions available, Always welcome

Want to try out what graduate work is like?  Unsure if you are up for the challenge of being a PhD student?  This short-term position might be your best bet for self-exploration.  Inquire now by Email.

  • Area #1: 2 RA positions in Organic Synthesis

  • Aim: Synthesize and Purify N-heterocyclic Compounds 

  • Qualification: MSc (preferred) or BSc degree holders with experience in ring-closing reactions and reverse-phase HPLC

Research Assistants

(d) Undergraduate Students      Always welcome

The Faculty of Science Summer Research Fellowship programme provides support for students to conduct research in chemistry. Visit the Faculty website for details.

Undergraduate Students

(e) Exchange Students and Interns      Always welcome

Summer internships and exchange projects are available. Be part of the TEAM.

Exchange Students and Interns
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