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Research Postgraduate Students

Looking for 2 enthusiastic PhD and MPhil students per year. JOIN US now!

Joint PhD Programme with CCE GD Lab also available!

Zhou Rui.png

Zhou Rui      Since 2023 Sep

  1. Nanocatalysts for Electrochemical Conversion


MSc Soochow University

BSc Soochow University

Travelling, watching movies, playing music


Yi Ruijie      Since 2022 Sep

  1. Nanomaterials for Electrocatalysis


BSc Wuhan University

Drawing, singing, playing piano


Yau Hei Tung, Chloe      Since 2022 Jan

  1. Hybrid Bilayer Membranes for Waste Upcycling


BSc University of Hong Kong

Drawing, painting, photography

Chen Jiu.png

Chen Jiu      Since 2022 Apr

  1. Computational Studies of Unique Electrochemical Systems

Joint PhD Student with CCE GD Lab

MSc Chongqing University
BSc Central China Normal University

Table tennis, cooking, baking


Cheung Cham Wah, Roy     Since 2021 Jan

  1. ​​Tailored Organic Self-Assembled Monolayers for Bioanalytical and Electrocatalytic Applications


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2023

BSc University of Hong Kong

Table tennis, badminton, tennis, snooker

Gao Xutao     Since 2020 Aug

  1. ​​Theoretical and Experimental Methods to Explore Catalytic Mechanisms on Electrode Surfaces


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2022

MSc University of Virginia
BSc Taiyuan University of Technology

Basketball, badminton, movies, travelling 


Zhou Wenxuan     Since 2021 Jan

  1. ​​Developing Nanoelectrocatalysts with Precise Features and Enhanced Catalytic Performance


Joint PhD Student with CCE GD Lab

MSc University of Akron
BSc South China University of Technology

Badminton, animation

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