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About ET

Edmund C. M. Tse is an Assistant Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong since September 2018. Edmund has contributed to the chemistry field for over 10 years, presented tens of public and invited talks in the area of electrochemistry, and trained a number of enthusiastic researchers in the electrocatalysis sector. View papers for Edmund's full publication record.

Edmund graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.Sc. in Chemistry specialized in materials science in 2011 working with Professor T. Brent Gunnoe. With a Croucher Foundation Scholarship, Edmund obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016 under the guidance of Professor Andrew A. Gewirth and Professor Thomas B. Rauchfuss. Edmund completed his academic training as a Croucher Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the laboratory of Professor Jacqueline K. Barton at the California Institute of Technology in 2018.

As a faculty, Edmund is eager to leverage on his expertise in building catalytic platforms and studying structure-function relationships to establish an interdisciplinary research program and develop new tools to address global health and renewable energy questions. In conjunction with conducting relevant and impactful research, Edmund is devoted to educating the next generation of scientists and share scientific discovery with the general public. In addition to mentoringoutreach, and teaching, Edmund is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and effective learning environment to encourage diversity and creativity for students to achieve their individual goals while contributing to society.

In addition to a postdoctoral fellowship and a PhD scholarship from the Croucher Foundation, Edmund has received the Theron Standish Piper Award, the Eastman Travel Grant, the Harry S. Drickamer Fellowship, the Walter Brown Fellowship, the James R. Beck Fellowship, and the Therald Moellar Scholarship. Edmund was also recognized an Excellent Instructor and has completed the Certificate of Interest in University Teaching. For a full list of honors and awards, refer to Edmund's CV.

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