Postdoctoral Scholar

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Mo Xiaoyong (Wing)     Since 2022 Sep​

  1. Enabling Efficient and Selective Electrocatalysis

  2. Developing Facile and Green Nanofabrication Techniques

  3. Bioelectroanalytical Sensor

FoS Pilot scheme on International Experience for RPg students - 2019 Recipient
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2020


PhD University of Hong Kong

MSc Hong Kong Baptist University

Reading, swimming, ​playing piano


Navpreet K Sethi     Since 2022 Sep

  1. Photoelectrocatalysis

Distinguished RA Sun Yet-Sen University

Postdoc Zhejiang University
PhD University of York

Writing, sketching, cooking, travelling


Gareth Yu Zuo Hang     Since 2021 Feb

  1. Electrode Functionalization for Redox Catalysis

PhD University of Hong Kong
BSc Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hiking, football, travelling