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Postdoctoral Scholar

Hiring a talented postdoc with expertise in photochemistry and nanoparticle synthesis. JOIN US now!

Mo Xiaoyong (Wing)     Since 2022 Sep​

  1. Enabling Efficient and Selective Electrocatalysis

  2. Developing Facile and Green Nanofabrication Techniques

  3. Bioelectroanalytical Sensor

FoS Pilot scheme on International Experience for RPg students - 2019 Recipient
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2020


PhD University of Hong Kong

MSc Hong Kong Baptist University

Reading, swimming, ​playing piano


Navpreet K Sethi     Since 2022 Sep

  1. Photoelectrocatalysis

Distinguished RA Sun Yet-Sen University

Postdoc Zhejiang University
PhD University of York

Writing, sketching, cooking, travelling

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