Undergraduate Students

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Alice Yau.png

Yau Siu Ham Alice      Since 2021 May

  1. Biomaterials for Antibacterial Applications

HKU Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) Student

​Secondary School  St. Paul's Secondary School

Singing, cycling, reading Jin Yong's novel, watching anime

Seungmin Hong Ken.png

SeungMin Hong (Ken)      Since 2021 Apr

  1. Nanomaterials for Energy Catalysis

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  The SMIC Private School


Kenneth Ng Ka Wai.png

Ng Ka Wai, Kauã Kenneth      Since 2021 Mar

  1. Process Assessment of Green Protocols

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  The Church of Christ in China Kei To Secondary School (HKDSE)

Ice-skating, coffee brewing, learning Japanese and Portuguese


Agnes So Ka Kiu      Since 2021 Feb

  1. Product Analysis of Sustainable Processes

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School (HKDSE)

Basketball, fishing