The ET lab would not be where it is now without the contributions from all these wonderful individuals!

Lo Yin Chung Yves.png

Lo Yin Chung Yves      2022 Jan - 2022 May

  1. Upcycling Microplastics using Electrochemistry


HKU TransDisciplinary Undergradaute Research Initiative

​Secondary School  Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

Playing cello & guitar, jogging

Siu Pui Kong.png

Siu Pui Kong Andrew      2022 Jan - 2022 May

  1. Upcycling Microplastics using Electrochemistry


HKU TransDisciplinary Undergradaute Research Initiative

​Secondary School  Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

Table tennis, programming, chess

Alice Yau.png

Yau Siu Ham Alice      2021 May - 2021 Dec     UG

  1. Biomaterials for Antibacterial Applications

HKU Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) Student

​Secondary School  St. Paul's Secondary School

Singing, cycling, reading Jin Yong's novel, watching anime


Arthur Chiu      2021 Sep - 2022 Jan      Intern

  1. Metal Complexes as Electrocatalysts

Secondary School Diocesan Boys' School

Music, Hiking

Megan Wong.png

Wong Cheuk Man Megan      2021 Sep - 2021 Dec     UG

  1. Science Communication, Science Animation


HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  Our Lady of the Rosary College

Flying a plane, hiking


Zain-ul-aabidin Mohammad      2021 Jun - 2021 Aug     UG

  1. Municipal Water Supply Surveillance

HKUtopia Capstone Student

​Secondary School  Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

Badminton, table tennis, movies

Angela Yau.png

Angela Yau Yat Laam      2021 Aug - 2021 Sep     Visiting Student

  1. Molecular Docking

BSc Imperial College London

High School Ruthin School (UK)

Middle School St. Stephen's Girls' College (HK)

Horse riding, badminton

Michael Cheng Hei Wang      2019 Apr - 2021 Jul     Intern

  1. Molecular Mechanisms of Magnetotaxis

BSc Princeton University

Secondary School St. Paul’s Co-educational College (HK)

Sci-fi books, choir, orchestra

Seungmin Hong Ken.png

SeungMin Hong (Ken)      2021 Apr - 2021 Aug     UG

  1. Nanomaterials for Energy Catalysis

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  The SMIC Private School


Mary Yuen - Photo.png

Mary Yuen      2021 Jun - 2021 Jul     Visiting Student

  1. Surface Energy Calculations

BSc University College London

Secondary School St Claire's Girls' School

Playing badminton, singing, reading fictions

Jacqueline Wu.png

Jacqueline Wu      2021 May - 2021 Jun     Visiting Student

  1. Bioinorganic Chemical Probes

BSc University of Pennsylvania

Secondary School German Swiss International School

Singing, crocheting, historical fiction 

Wang Shihuai     2020 May - 2021 Jun     PDRA

  1. Mechanistic Studies of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Systems for Fuel Production through Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Methods

PhD Uppsala University
MSc Shaanxi Normal University
BSc Inner Mongolia University

Swimming, hiking, skiing

Wei Zhen     2019 Dec - 2021 Jun    PDRA

  1. ​​​Using Ultrafast Spectroscopy to Study Interfacial Catalytic Redox Reactions

PhD Tsinghua University
BSc Hubei University

Cycling, table-tennis

Kenneth Ng Ka Wai.png

Ng Ka Wai, Kauã Kenneth      2021 Mar - 2021 Jun     UG

  1. Process Assessment of Green Protocols

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  The Church of Christ in China Kei To Secondary School (HKDSE)

Ice-skating, coffee brewing, learning Japanese and Portuguese


Agnes So Ka Kiu      2021 Feb - 2021 May     UG

  1. Product Analysis of Sustainable Processes

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School (HKDSE)

Basketball, fishing

Lam Yuen Ching.png

Lam Yuen Ching      2021 Feb - 2021 Apr     UG

  1. Synthesis of Functional Self-Assembled Monolayers

HKU Capstone Internship Student


Secondary School  Elegantia College (HKDSE)


Badminton, music

Alex Cheung Lok Yin      2020 Mar - 2020 Aug     UG

  1. Custom-Constructed Chamber for Real-Time Tracking of Biological Events

HKU Capstone Internship Student

​Secondary School  The Church of Christ in China Kei To Secondary School (HKDSE)

Band, choir, theology

Carl Cheung Yik Ngai      2019 Jun - 2020 Jul     UG

  1. Designing DNA Sensors for Rare Diseases

HKU Final Year Project Student

​Secondary School  King Ling College (HKDSE)


Yu Shang-Bo     2020 May - 2020 Jul     PDRA

  1. Biomimetics

PhD Fudan University
BSc Central China Normal University

Basketball, badminton, riding, hiking, climbing, music, reading, history

Jae Elise Payong     2019 Feb - 2020 Jun     UG

  1. Analyzing Proton Carriers in Hybrid Bilayer Membrane Electrodes

  2. Developing New Classes of Artificial Cation and Anion Channels


HKU Laidlaw Scholar

​Secondary School Australian International School Saigon (IB Diploma)

Amateur cook, footballer and quidditch player, coffee connoisseur

Nicholas Yuen     2018 Sep - 2019 Mar     PD

  1. ​​​Developing Bioinformatics and Proteomics Tools to Identify New Redox-active Metalloproteins as Cancer Biomarkers

PhD Chinese University Hong Kong
MSc Chinese University Hong Kong
MSc King’s College London
BSc Imperial College London

Trying out new restaurants, ​searching for gourmet food

He Beibei     2019 Apr - Oct     ​RA

  1. Overexpression and Purification of Putative [4Fe4S] Protein Targets

MSc Shanghai Jiao Tong University
BSc Jiangnan University

Playing football, watching football, running

Kwan Ming Tam      2019 May - Aug      Summer Visiting Student

  1. Effect of Chirality-induced Spin Selectivity (CISS) on the Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism of Interfacial Catalysts

  2. Electro-organic Synthesis

Québec Mobility Bursary Fund from Québec’s Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES)

Overseas Exchange Concordia University (Canada)

Fish keeping, biking, swimming

Alexia Ching Yee Chan      2019 Aug​    High-school Lab Shadowing Student

  1. Biofilm Removal

YMCA Boundless Lab Shadowing Programme

Secondary School Leung Shek Chee College (HK)

Drawing, listening to music, and reading articles and books about science

Joe Jo Lam Leung      2019 Aug    High-school Lab Shadowing Student

  1. Water Pollutants and Bioremediation

YMCA Boundless Lab Shadowing Programme

Secondary School S.K.H. Chan Young Secondary School (HK)

Doing sports, in particular playing badminton and table tennis

Ben Hin Chi Wong      2019 Aug    High-school Lab Shadowing Student

  1. Wearable Sensors

YMCA Boundless Lab Shadowing Programme

Secondary School S.K.H. Chan Young Secondary School (HK)


Li Zhuoying      2019 Jul - Aug     LabX Exchange Student

  1. Preparation of SAM-coated Au Nanoparticles for Raman Spectroscopic Studies​

HKU LabX Programme Imperial College London (UK)

Argentine tango, ballet, taekowndo

Ye Xiangyu      2019 Jul - Aug     LabX Exchange Student

  1. Synthesis of Precursors for Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs)

  2. Preparation of SAM-coated Au Nanoparticles

HKU LabX Programme Southern University of Science and Technology (PRC)

Badminton, billiards, biking

Zhou Yiqin      2019 Jul - Aug     LabX Exchange Student

  1. Exploring the Use of Solid-phase Peptide Synthesis to Prepare Bio-inspired Catalysts for Wastewater Treatment

HKU LabX Programme ​Shandong Normal University (PRC)

Taekwondo, swimming, cooking

Nicholas Tam      2019 Jun - Jul     ​Summer Visiting Student

  1. Developing Bioinformatics Tools to Identify Putative Disease-relevant Biomarkers

Overseas Exchange University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Basketball, watching NBA games

Li Shani      2019 Jul     LabX Exchange Student

  1. Investigating New Materials using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

HKU LabX Programme ​Beijing Institute of Technology (PRC)

Climbing, playing Guzheng, watching movies

Hoi Kin Wong     2019 Jan - May     UG

  1. ​​Electrochemistry-assisted Crystal Growth 

Secondary School Carmel Pak U Secondary School

Doing chemistry experiments, collecting elements