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Enabling renewable energy schemes and advancing human health via bioinorganic electrocatalysis, hybrid materials, and bioanalytical sensors.
Visit the RESEARCH page to view our interdisciplinary approach.
​Students and postdocs are encouraged to JOIN US.
The ET lab welcomes collaborations.  Contact ET by EMAIL.
#Electron_Transport     #Energy_Transfer     #Early_Treatment


2022 Aug 5: Wing successfully defending her PhD thesis!
Freshly​ minted Dr. Wing (
ET lab PhD #1)


2021 Jul 15:

HKU Chem: PhD Recruitment

Zoom ID: 938 4363 1741

Register here


2021 Jun 14:

Recruiting RPg students interested in 
Organic Synthesis, Metal Complexes, or Biochemistry

2021 Jun 10: 1 Postdoc & 1 RA in Org Syn & Inorg Chem

2020 Jul 7: 

Mirror Website for those who have difficulty accessing this Wix site except the homepage

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